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Please keep your child's teacher informed if there is something that you think they should know about, eg changes at home.
This can help us to understand your child's behaviour.
Staff from your child's class will ring/email home with good news, and also causes for concern.
Email is a very good way to keep in direct contact with your child's teacher, but of course if a matter is urgent please ring the school office.
The office team will try to get hold of someone who can help, but if staff are teaching or offsite they might not be able to get back to you immediately.
The office team may be  able to help, or to direct your call to another staff member. 
As a school we undertake far more intensive levels of contact than at a mainstream school, which we hope benefits us, you, and most importantly your child, but please remember that staff have to balance time spent on communication with their teaching and other duties, and be patient while they are trying to respond.


We try to send out as much information as possible by Parentmail, our text and email service, rather than by post. This saves trees and money! Parentmail log-in details are sent to new parents at the start of term. If you have not yet signed up to Parentmail, you can click the link below, fill out your details and return to the school office where you will be registered onto the system

Keep us up to date

If you need a replacement log-in, or are having any trouble accessing Parentmail, have a look at their help pages, or contact the school office. If you change email address or mobile number remember to update your details on Parentmail, and please let the school office know too, so that we can update your contact details on the school database.

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